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ZL138A crawler hydraulic rock drill

  • Feature&Introduction
  • Technical parameter

Kaiser brand ZL138A type full hydraulic open air drill rig, integrated screw air compressor system, hydraulic impact drilling system,dry dust collection system, suitable for water and electricity, railway, transportation, mines, quarries, defense engineering and a variety of large-scale construction engineering,64 - 102 mm blasting hole, bolt hole and anchor hole

Main features:

1 equipped with DZYG38B hydraulic drill group

2 high efficiency, 1 - 1.5 times than pneumatic rock drill

3 low energy consumption, 1/3 - 2/3 lower than pneumatic rock drill

4 strong structure, compact layout, strong carrying capacity, good off-road performance;

5 safe operation, little dust, low noise;

ZL138A technical data               
Hole diameter mm 64-102
Hole depth m 18
Walking speed km/h 2
Climb ability 30°
Distance off ground mm 430
Power 112
Diesel engine  Cummins 6BTA5.9-C150
Exhaust volume of screw compressor 5
Pressure of screw compressor 7
Dimension l*w*h mm 8000*2260*2800
Weight Kg 9000
Lifting angle of rail up28°down42°
Pitching angle of rail   129°
Oscillation angle of rail  right38°left35°
Lateral swing angle of rail  right4°-89°
Swing angle of drilling boom  right39°left60°
Carriage levelling angle  up10°down9°
Feeding stroke mm 3050
Compensation length 900
Hydraulic rock drill    DZYG38B
Rod  T45×3050mm
Dust collector Dry


 DZYG38B data        

Weight(Kg 150
Impact pressure(Mpa 15-21.5
Rotating pressure max(Mpa 10
Torque max(N·m 0-750
Impact frequency  Hz 40-60
Rotating speed(r/min 0-300
Installing power(Kw 45


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