Propane refrigeration unit treatment of refinery waste gas VOCs


For a chemical co., LTD., Shandong tank area VOCs treatment project, Shanghai GEO freezing system technology co., LTD. Using low-temperature diesel absorption-ethanolamine desulfurization process of waste gas VOCs recovery and treatment, is a new waste gas treatment technology, high absorption efficiency, good expected effect, successfully open precedent in the field of waste gas VOCs treatment.


The two sets of VOCs treatment devices in the south and north factories of the company all adopt the propane (R290) refrigeration unit of Shanghai GEO Freezing System Technology Co., LTD.The unit customer is used in explosion-proof zone 2, The unit is equipped with CT168S open double-screw refrigeration compressor (with economy) with theoretical displacement of 1098m³ / h, 10KV / 50Hz / 250KW / IP55 bipolar explosion-proof motor, three-stage horizontal high-efficiency oil content, two parallel stainless steel heat exchange pipe full liquid evaporator with induced back oil at the same time, With the stable control level of the two evaporators, Poor diesel oil from the tank area and production line can be directly cooled from 40℃ to 5~7℃ by the diesel evaporator, The exhaust gas from the storage tank and loading line is directly cooled from 40 to ℃ 3 to 10 directly through the air evaporator.


Low-temperature diesel oil completes the reverse and efficient absorption of low-temperature waste gas VOCs in the absorption tower, so far it can recover more than 95% of oil and gas and purify more than 99% of organic sulfide.The waste gas is desulfurization by ethanolamine, and finally realizes the environmental emission of VOCs~30mg / m³.


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